The Copenhagen Gateway Sees Your Dubai and Raises it 65 Meters

Copenhagen threw an international competition to design a bridge that would connect their office buildings and civic spaces. Two towers connect their two pedestrian bridges 65 meters above the sea with an remarkably disjointed style that, frankly, looks a bit scary to walk upon.The Langenlinine tower (left) uses the… »11/10/08 12:45pm11/10/08 12:45pm

Gateway Shutters Online Store, Exits Direct PC Sales Business Completely

Gateway will now no longer be selling its PCs through Gateway.com and has shut down all its direct PC sales to become a 100% retail channel PC company. The move is only somewhat surprising-its newish parent company Acer has always focused on offering its goods through resellers. But seeing how Gateway was one of the… »7/26/08 3:30pm7/26/08 3:30pm

Gateway Budget Gaming Desktop Gets 45nm Quad-Core Refresh

It's been a few months since CES, so Gateway is rightly updating its FX budget gaming desktops with some fresher chips. Most notably, the FX7026 (more budget-y) and FX541 (more performance-y) are picking up Intel's mid-range Q9300 Core 2 Quad processor (which beat down AMD's top of the line Phenom X4 9850 quad in… »5/05/08 7:09pm5/05/08 7:09pm

Gateway "Spots" Contest Ends, One Tattooed Jackass Reigns Supreme

Gateway's Show Us Your Spots contest is at an end, and the winner is picked: some kid named Matt, who permanently brands himself a Gateway fanatic, all to win the system and spite his jerk friend Billy who calls him a Noob all the time. (Guess it worked.) Check out the runners-up, and our impressions of their noble… »4/08/08 1:30pm4/08/08 1:30pm