Hearing This Voicemail—and Knowing That It Went to the Wrong…

Click to viewStop whatever you're doing right now and go tell your dear ones that you love them. You'll be glad you did once you listen to this voicemail recording. » 1/27/11 10:40pm 1/27/11 10:40pm

It's The Eric Schmidt Show!

Hey, we heard that Eric Schmidt was going to leave Google to break into television. We liked this so much we made our own The Eric Schmidt Show to watch over and over until he really makes it on air. » 1/24/11 8:00pm 1/24/11 8:00pm

Search for Missing Remote Ends in House Fire

Click to view A lost remote control is an annoyance. A house fire is a tragedy. A 19-year-old near Cleveland turned the former into the latter when he used a lighter to search under his bed for a missing remote. » 1/24/11 3:20pm 1/24/11 3:20pm

Worst Idea: Filming a Speeding Train Running Over You

An insane person sets up a camera to film a full-speed train passing over him, as he lies flat on the tracks. Now that we're all caught up: Please don't try this at home. Please don't try this at home. » 1/24/11 9:00am 1/24/11 9:00am

Vending Machine Scans Your Face and Chooses Food For You

Kraft has invented a vending machine that analyzes your face to predict what you want to eat. It combines facial recognition with other data to give you a snack, or email a recipe and shopping instructions. Creepy or cool? » 1/21/11 1:27pm 1/21/11 1:27pm

What a Flying Arrow Sees In Its Rear View

There aren't many things that look more calm and graceful than an arrow piercing the sky. But when you have the vantage point of a tiny camera mounted on that same arrow's back? Suddenly everything's a lot more... wobbly. [Buzzfeed] » 1/18/11 10:00am 1/18/11 10:00am

If Your iPhone Has Ever Dropped a Call, Read This

If you're excited about today's Verizon iPhone bonanza, it's for one reason: hoping for the shining light of non-sucky service. Here's all of the news (and opinion) you need to get caught up on what might be your next phone: » 1/11/11 2:21pm 1/11/11 2:21pm

Gizmodo Interviews Darth Vader, Man of Few Words

Darth Vader was on hand at CES today to announce the forthcoming release of the Star Wars Blu-ray set. As long time fans of his work, we were thrilled to get the chance to ask him a few questions. » 1/06/11 5:20pm 1/06/11 5:20pm

I Love Slow-Motion Videos of Cavorting Wobbly Things

I don't care what dynamic braking is. I just want to watch this video again and again. And then jump on a swimming pool full of that gelatinous stuff, whatever it is. » 1/04/11 12:20pm 1/04/11 12:20pm

Battlemodo: The Best Point-and-Shoot Cameras

There are approximately 4 bazillion point-and-shoot camera models on the market. Mostly, borderline disposable—yet the $400 S95 was Amazon's best-selling camera 'til they ran out. Clearly, people want a better camera. These three are the best. » 12/30/10 1:00pm 12/30/10 1:00pm

How To Talk Your Way Into a Cheaper Cable Bill

You're spent, literally. Holiday shopping has thoroughly ravaged your wallet and soul. That means it's time to rein in the discretionary expenses for the New Year. There's no better place to start than that grotesque $180 cable bill. » 12/22/10 11:00am 12/22/10 11:00am

PSA: Your Christmas Tree Is a Fiery Death Trap

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, you really are quite frightening! At least, you are after I've seen you burn down a living room in less than 60 seconds. Remember last year's video? It gets worse. » 12/17/10 6:20pm 12/17/10 6:20pm

App of the Day: Word Lens for iPhone

Word Lens, an app that translates English text to and from Spanish on the fly, is a reminder of just how powerful apps can be. But how's it really work? It ain't perfect, but it's still pretty damn amazing. » 12/17/10 3:20pm 12/17/10 3:20pm

Sledding Behind a Commuter Train Is One Festive Death Wish

Let's say you've got a kickass sled and plenty of snow, but no nearby hills to plummet down. Are you thinking what this guy's thinking, and tying your sled to the back of a fast-moving train? Please don't! » 12/09/10 9:40am 12/09/10 9:40am

First Private Spacecraft In Orbit After Perfect Launch (Updated)

The SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket has launched successfully, carrying the Dragon spacecraft into orbit. Dragon is the first private spaceship in history. It would be able to carry seven astronauts to orbit. Watch the launch and the separation videos here. Updated » 12/08/10 9:19am 12/08/10 9:19am

Giz Explains: Should You Worry About Cyber Attacks?

Step one: take out all the transportation. Step two: the financial base and telecoms. Step three: You get rid of all the utilities. Gas, water, electric, nuclear. that's why they call it a fire sale, because everything must go. » 12/07/10 1:01pm 12/07/10 1:01pm

You Would Never Guess These Music Videos Were Shot on an iPhone

We know the iPhone 4 has a great camera—but you'd think producing a solid music video would require something beefier, right? Wrong! The capable cam is an indie artist's dream—providing music visuals way bigger than a phone. » 12/02/10 4:00pm 12/02/10 4:00pm

Woman Strips Down to Her Lingerie, Gets TSA Pat Down Anyway—Twice…

This bombshell wearing just black lace, a pearl necklace and a white dog is Tammy Banovac, a retired surgeon in a wheelchair. She got down to her lingerie while going through airport security and still got a pat down. Twice. Updated. » 12/02/10 12:30pm 12/02/10 12:30pm