Gaydar Keychain Answers That Question Once And For All

You know how you have that friend-for simplicity's sake, we'll call him Aaron Froucho-that you're never quite sure is gay or straight? What better way to answer the question for all eternity than with a $14 keychain? The thing has three readouts, "gay," "straight" and "maybe," so if you get "maybe," keep asking until… » 8/26/08 5:30pm 8/26/08 5:30pm

The Daily Show Rounds Up Ten Years of Absurd Inventions

Sure, we report on plenty of goofy and questionable inventions here at the Giz, but this "Ten Fucking Years: Inventions" clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes it one step beyond even our wildest fever dreams. » 11/27/06 10:14am 11/27/06 10:14am

Gaydar Sexual Orientation Detector

Are you...curious? No more guessing what team you're batting (or catching) for with the Gaydar. The Gaydar is a human sexual orientation sensor that gives off a tone when passed over the genital regions of a homosexual or bisexual individual. Kit comes with what looks like Bose headphones, and is availble from the… » 9/25/06 6:14pm 9/25/06 6:14pm