DSi Drops GBA Support (and the Homebrew that Comes With It); Old DS Cool Again

Bad news, folks. We totally missed it in the wake of poor battery life specs »10/02/08 11:05am10/02/08 11:05am, but Nintendo's new will completely ditch support for GBA titles. That not only means no more playing GBA backups (they only loaded from the now extinct GBA slot), but even if you were to load some sort of GBA emulation through the DS slot,…

Glucoboy Makes Blood-Testing (Sort of) Fun With GBA and Online Gaming Rewards

When it comes to diabetes blood-testing the word "fun" does not spring to mind. However, the Glucoboy could change all that by rewarding consistent testing and good results. When the blood glucose meter is combined with a Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS, kids can earn points that will unlock mini-games on the included… »12/06/07 6:40pm12/06/07 6:40pm