Hands On Gears of War 2 Zune, Better Xbox 360 Integration Coming "Within a Year"

Here's the special edition Gears of War 2 Zune »10/16/08 1:29pm10/16/08 1:29pm coming out next month, in the flesh. It's total sex if you're into dripping blood and skulls and boxy media players. (You sick bastard.) Oh, and : Marketing director for Zune Jason Reindorp told us that a serious "step up" in Zune and Xbox 360 integration will happen…

Gears of War 2 Zune Coming on Nov 7, Preorders Start in the Morning

Killing two marketing birds with one stone, Microsoft's bundling some of its Zunes with various Gears of War 2 (launching soon!) paraphernalia. Each 120GB Zune will sport a laser-etched "Crimson Omen" and come pre-loaded with 244 pieces of media, including the soundtrack, behind-the-scene videos and concept art. The… »10/01/08 12:07am10/01/08 12:07am

Someone's Dragon Collection Melted on this Gears of War Xbox 360

Sure, we like the design, but we love that despite the muddy, spontaneous pewter finish of this homemade Gears of War Xbox 360, the creator very carefully negotiated all of the Xbox's machined ventilation holes. All-in-all, it's a pretty decent-looking mod, and those red lights are actually pretty quite when they're… »8/06/08 8:30pm8/06/08 8:30pm

Special Edition DC Xbox 360s Are Hot In the Non-RROD Sense

Check out these four horsemen of the Xbox 360 apocalypse from ComicCon: one Watchmen, one DC Comics, one Gears of War, and one Terminator Salvation, all up for grabs as part of a contest from Warner Bros. These aren't just new cases, either, they're full-fledged Xbox 360 consoles. There's only limited info to go on… »7/27/08 12:00pm7/27/08 12:00pm