GeeWhiz Condom Catheter Still Gives Me the Willies

You know why I never wanna have a heart attack or prostate problems? The catheter. You know which one I'm talking about. Just the thought makes my junk burn. Enter this year's truly deserving Medical Design Excellence award winner, the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter. No more tubes twisted and crammed into tiny holes they… » 4/16/08 12:20pm 4/16/08 12:20pm

Stara Technologies Mini-Missile Precisely Guides Payloads to Targets

This sensor guidance system from Stara Technologies looks like a tiny precision missile, and that's basically what it is, but it's a whole lot more sophisticated than meets the eye. It's not specifically designed to deliver explosives, but when you toss it out the window of an airplane (or a Predator drone as you see… » 11/20/07 11:44am 11/20/07 11:44am