BestBuy's GeekSquad Has the Worst Password Protection You Can Imagine

The GeekSquad exists to handle simple tech problems for folks who don't find them all that simple. Like PC or email client setup. And along the way, they might pass along a few best practice tips to less knowledgable customers. Like writing down your email password on a piece of paper and handing it to a relative… »5/17/12 1:40pm5/17/12 1:40pm


Verizon Rolling Out Geek Squad Knockoff Called 'Expert Care'

Starting today, Verizon will join a growing list of companies »10/09/08 4:00pm10/09/08 4:00pm including Best Buy and AT&T that offer a service dedicated to in-home customer support. Verizon's 'Expert Care' will offer a 'protection pak' that provides home repair and replacement coverage for your computers, televisions, and telephones as well as…

Best Buy iPhone 3G: Buy BS Accessory Package, Geek Squad Will Do What Apple Store Does for Free

The iPhone 3G is making its Best Buy debut »9/04/08 9:30pm9/04/08 9:30pm this Sunday, and you'll see in your local paper confirms that even though Best Buy has the distinction of being the iPhone's first independent US retailer, it'll be the peddling it. If you buy one of four bullshit accessory packages—going for $106 to $234, according to…

Wal-Mart Fires Broadside Into Best Buy With Talk of Geek Squad Knockoff

By way of sister site The Consumerist comes word this afternoon that big box chain Wal-Mart is "very interested" in expanding its services into Best Buy's Geek Squad territory. "We are looking at different options," said Gary Severson, a Wal-Mart senior vice president. Tough luck for Best Buy on that one, should it… »6/08/08 6:00pm6/08/08 6:00pm

Gizmodo Crush-o-Thon 2007 Brutally Lays Waste to Outdated Gadgets

We asked you to send us some gadgets to wreck a while back, and we finally got to the task today. The Geek Squad had a crusher set up at Digital Life, where they were being generous enough to break our tech products for free, rather than charge $49.99 like they usually do when people bring stuff to them. We put a… »9/28/07 10:55am9/28/07 10:55am