Gaming Mogul Space Tourist Richard Garriott Back On Earth

We've traced Garriott's dream journey to space from his eight months of training in Russia's Star City »10/24/08 7:08am10/24/08 7:08am to his climactic orbital just last week, but at 7:34 Moscow Time (10:34 EST) our favorite space tourist's trip came to its inevitable end. Garriott is now safely on the ground in Kazakhstan after just ten days in…


Richard Garriott Arrives at ISS, Reportedly Ready to Fix the Toilet

The Soyuz TMA-13, carrying computer game rich guy, son of an astronaut, and current space tourist Richard Garriott has successfully docked with the International Space Station as of 8:26 GMT (3:26 EST). The three-man crew just finished floating around in orbit »10/14/08 4:59am10/14/08 4:59am for a few days, and are now commencing their scheduled…

Richard Garriott Reaches Orbit, Can Finally Act Out Plot of Tabula Rasa

Computer game millionaire Richard Garriott is now in orbit. At about 3 a.m., the current luckiest geek in the world blasted off in a Soyuz TMA-13 capsule alongside U.S. astronaut Michael Fincke and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov. The three will circle the Earth a few times before docking with the International Space… »10/12/08 11:00am10/12/08 11:00am