Gefen's HDMI-Over-Coax Means No New Wires for HDTV Everywhere

Gefen says it's figured out exactly how to move HDMI signals over the coaxial cable that already exists in many homes all over the world. The company plans to show the technology at CES next week that it says will ship in April. Gefen has been working on this tech that could make it much easier to move HDTV signals… »1/04/08 9:58am1/04/08 9:58am

Gefen's Wireless USB with 100-Foot Range - For Real This Time?

At last year's CES, Gefen announced a wireless USB hub with 30-foot range. It was pure vapor, like most of the ultra-wideband wireless USB gear we saw. For this year's CES the company is announcing a wireless USB hub with a 100-foot range—along with wireless extenders for component audio, HDMI and VGA. Gefen claims… »12/28/06 1:00pm12/28/06 1:00pm