Lots of Nvidia Laptop Graphics Cards Are Overheating, Dying

Apparently some previous-gen Nvidia graphics cards that shipped in "significant quantities" of notebooks are defective, built and packaged with "weak" materials that are leading to them to overheat and fail at a "higher-than-normal" rate. Enough are bad that Nvidia is taking a $150-$200 million hit on its earnings for… »7/03/08 2:16am7/03/08 2:16am


GeForce 8M Series Brings DirectX 10 and a Better HD Video to Your Laptop

You can't have a new laptop without a bump in the graphics department. Today NVIDIA bought its GeForce 8xxx series GPUs to the mobile world, introducing them as the 8600M and 8400M (GeForce 8M Series). These GPUs are the first ones to bring DirectX 10 compatibility to your notebook, In addition, they also promise… »5/09/07 11:20am5/09/07 11:20am