Geiger Counter PC Casemod Looks Good In Places That Can Kill You

This Russian Geiger Counter casemod (technically an Ion Detector) won't let you know if you're standing waist deep in nuclear radiation, but flick the power switch and the meter jumps to life, letting you know the relatively weak CPU housed inside is working properly. As for the specs inside the box, there's a 300 MHz… » 6/21/08 9:00pm 6/21/08 9:00pm

A Hummer with a Fireplace: Think It's Too Much?

Because Hummers aren't offensively over-the-top as-is, Germany's GeigerCars decided to trick one out in the spirit of the holiday season. We're not talking just rims and a big subwoofer, either: they put in a goddamned fireplace. In addition to the hearth and chimney, it has a big flat-panel TV, gullwing doors, a… » 12/07/06 12:22pm 12/07/06 12:22pm