Electricity Generator Gets Its Power From Waste Heat

Dallas' Southern Methodist University is now recycling energy with one of the first commercial electricity generators that use thermoelectricity—the act of drawing power from waste heat. The machine operates by using heat given off by other processes (such as manufacturing) to boil liquids, which then turn into steam,… »5/31/08 7:00pm5/31/08 7:00pm

FBI's $1 Billion Biometric Database Will Help Catch the Bad Guys

The FBI is planning to spend $1 billion on the world's largest biometric database. The database will be used to create a big brother state, in which you will ultimately have little autonomy assist the FBI's efforts in catching the bad guys. Apparently, compilation of digital images, including mug shots, fingerprints… »12/23/07 12:20am12/23/07 12:20am