The Duracell Powerpack 450 Talks You Through a Jump Start

Because I rarely drive these days, I still roll around in a car I bought 8 years ago. It runs fine, but sooner or later it is going to quit on me. I'll tell you what though, in my situation, the new addition to Duracell's Powerpack linuep looks like peace of mind in a lunch pail-sized box. In addition to jump starting… »11/07/08 3:45pm11/07/08 3:45pm

Bicycle Seat Generator Harnesses the Power of Your Butt

You may not like it now, but you would be thankful for that big butt of yours if you ever got a chance to ride a bike fitted with designer Deco Goodman's »11/04/08 7:20pm11/04/08 7:20pm "Commuter Cyclist's Sustainable Energy Source." The device attaches underneath the seat and collects power generated by the compression of the seat springs, braking,…

Democratic Ecology: Philippe Starck's Cheap Designer Wind Turbine For Your Home

Famous designer Philippe Starck recently revealed he felt a certain shame that all the things he'd designed were not essential for living. This turbine, which he designed with the help of generator company Pramac, can theoretically provide a single home with 20-60% of all the electricity it needs. The name, which… »7/02/08 4:30pm7/02/08 4:30pm

Fluxxlab Revolution Door is Eco-Friendly, People-Powered Power Station

The Revolution Door is a concept from New York designers Fluxxlab that puts otherwise-wasted kinetic energy from a revolving office door to good use—generating power. Fluxxlab's rationale is that humans exert a chunk of their own energy when pushing a revolving door around, and it may as well be captured via gears and… »2/08/08 8:25am2/08/08 8:25am

Pick Up Line Generator: Worry Not Awkward Geeks, Gadgets Can Get You Laid

As you know, nothing gets a woman hotter than a really cheesy pick-up line. Or better yet, a really cheesy and wildly inappropriate line—"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that was a Braille name tag" for example. Fortunately, even the shy awkward geek can get in on the action thanks to our good old friend the gadget. »1/23/08 7:00pm1/23/08 7:00pm

Lightning Power For Energy, Time Travel Another Story

Lightning. It just goes about it's business—mocking us. We have always known there is potential there for an alternative energy source, but harnessing that power has proven difficult. However, an inventor names Steve LeRoy may be on the brink of changing all that with a device that generates lightning then harvests… »10/15/07 7:20pm10/15/07 7:20pm

MIT Plans to Steal Your Energy to Light Public Buildings

Two MIT grad students want to install devices in public buildings that generate electricity from footsteps. They want to install a type of floor that will power train stations and other commuter-heavy areas. The problem is that this energy has to come from somewhere - you. This type of floor will depress slightly when… »7/26/07 7:34am7/26/07 7:34am