This Chainless Electric Bike Makes You the Backup Generator

Your average e-bike is just a regular bicycle fitted with an electric motor. When the battery dies, you can just revert to pedalling so you're not stranded. The new Footloose from Mando, however, takes a different approach. There's still a set of pedals, but they're used to power an alternator which generates… »10/10/12 9:00am10/10/12 9:00am

Here's Proof That People Have Been Trying to Go Green for Over a Century

When you think power generation in the early 1900s, coal and steam generally come to mind. But in Alexis Madrigal's upcoming book, Powering The Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology, he shows that people were trying to find environmentally friendly alternatives via ocean waves in the nascent days of… »4/08/11 11:40pm4/08/11 11:40pm

An Underwater Generator Inspired by Sharks, Minus the Seal Killing

It never hurts to take cues from nature when designing technology, and that's just what BioPower Systems did when engineering its bioSTREAM underwater generator. It's inspired by shark tails, using the shape in a fixed device that moves with the motion of the ocean. It reverses the use of the tail, with the water… »5/21/08 6:30pm5/21/08 6:30pm

Here's One Magnetic Free Energy Machine That Actually Works

OK, so it isn't the finest week for free-energy machines, but perhaps the boys at Steorn are just giving this category a bad name. Some seemingly free-energy concepts make sense, because they are powered not by mystical cosmic vibrations, but actual earthly ones. Scientists at the University of Southampton have… »7/06/07 4:40pm7/06/07 4:40pm

Nanogenerator Magically Cranks Out Watts From the Environment

We're thinking this nanotechnology thing is catching on big-time. First someone figured out how to use the technology to keep panties fresh and odor-free, and now brilliant scientists have been developing small generators that might just be able to someday do away with batteries. They're first trying to develop a way… »4/06/07 9:43am4/06/07 9:43am