Go Pre-order Those Optimus and Megatron Classic Console Transformers

Takara Tomy has found the best way to suck the cash from our wallets save for some kind of reverse-ATM tractor beam. First teased earlier in the year, you can finally pre-order the toymaker's homage to robots and classic gaming consoles with these updated Optimus Prime and Megatron figures that transform into the… » 11/01/14 10:18am 11/01/14 10:18am

The Sega Genesis Lives Again (As a Bluetooth Speaker)

Even with its over-hyped "blast processing" on the Genesis and the much-loved Dreamcast, Sega still ended up losing the console war to Nintendo, Sony, and eventually Microsoft. The company still survives through its software, but if you want new Sega hardware in your home you'll have to settle for this Bluetooth… » 11/08/13 2:39pm 11/08/13 2:39pm

Yobo FC3 Plus Plays NES, SNES and Genesis Cartridges

We may take the system for granted now, but your inner 10-year-old is simply amazed » 11/25/08 10:15am 11/25/08 10:15am by the Yobo FC3 Plus. A console that's fully compatible with NES, SNES and Sega Genesis titles, you can finally put those old cartridges to use without filling your home theater setup with unsustainable levels of boxes and wires.…

Old Sega Genesis Ads Remind Us of the First Real Console War

Oh man, are these ads awesome. No ads really become outdated faster than ads for video game systems, with their quickly-antiquated technology, ridiculous music and hilarious editing. And boy, was Sega aggressive: "If you're not playing these games, you're a giant loser » 10/20/08 4:40pm 10/20/08 4:40pm!" That may have been so, but unfortunately for…