Geneva Lab's Shiny New Media Center Has iPod Dock, Unsurprisingly

The guys over at Apartment Therapy Unplugged spotted a pretty sweet media center that'll be coming soon to a living room near you. Made by Geneva Lab, a company known for its high-end iPod speaker docks, the new cabinet system includes four midrange 5.5-inch speakers, two tweeters, a 12-inch subwoofer, a cabinet to… » 5/18/08 10:30pm 5/18/08 10:30pm

Experiencing Geneva's Rich-Sounding Model M iPod System, Plus Its Big Brothers L and XL

At a cocktail-fueled event at the chic furniture store Design Within Reach in NYC, I got to play around with Geneva's trio of wood-cabinet iPod-dockable sound systems: the Model M, Model L and Model XL. The recently announced $500 M is the most compact of the line, but still seemed a bit hefty compared with other iPod… » 11/27/07 10:00pm 11/27/07 10:00pm

Geneva Model M Gives Your iPod Some Wood

Geneva has made a name for itself by building high-end iPod speaker docks with large wooden cabinets for better resonance and warmth. But the Model XL costs $1,275 and the Model L costs $699. Today, Geneva rolls out the Model M which, at $499, dips just below the "ridiculous" price point to something possibly within… » 11/26/07 10:49am 11/26/07 10:49am