Goodyear's Clever Concept SUV Tire Has The Grand Canyon In The Middle

Goodyear's unnamed concept builds on a standard SUV tire with a large central groove to improve rolling resistance by having a reduced contact patch with the road. But as you can see from the tread, this is strictly a concept with no intention of being put into production. Yet. » 3/06/14 5:06pm 3/06/14 5:06pm

This 3D Printed Concept Is The Future Of Automaking

EDAG is a German design and engineering firm that has been working with most car manufacturers for the past four decades and also built a Pontiac Solstice shooting brake because wagons rock. Their latest concept is a 3D-printed composite passenger cell that was inspired by turtles and goes beyond today's possibilities. » 3/05/14 4:59pm 3/05/14 4:59pm

A Complete Demonstration Of Apple's CarPlay System In A Ferrari FF

The difference between Volvo's and Ferrari's CarPlay is that the Italian version is using buttons as well as the touchscreen. Here's our complete demonstration, and while you're watching, prepare for the news about a German manufacturer introducing it as well. » 3/05/14 10:59am 3/05/14 10:59am

What It's Like To Use Apple's CarPlay Hands-Free System

While you might have expected Apple's CarPlay iOS system to appear in a Tesla, the winner of this race is Volvo, who will be using Apple's software for hands-free connectivity in all their future models. Here's the first hands on with new system straight from the Geneva Motor Show floor. » 3/04/14 9:35am 3/04/14 9:35am

Honda's Space-Age Eco-Friendly Trike Gets Filmed From Every Angle

Seen through the eye of the YouTube gloryhole is Honda's eco-friendly trike, which debuted this week at the Geneva Motor Show. » 3/03/10 6:34am 3/03/10 6:34am

Honda's Eco-Friendly Trike of the Future

The annual Geneva Motor Show has had an early entry ahead of next week, with Honda's battery-powered 3R-C concept trike looking very fast and ever so protective of the dry head inside. » 2/24/10 7:20am 2/24/10 7:20am

Morgan Hydrogen Fuel-Cell LifeCar from Concept To Shiny Reality

The guys over at Jalopnik had a chance to get up close and personal with the Morgan LifeCar hydrogen fuel-cell prototype at the Geneva Motorshow, and boy does it look like an awesome chunk of eco-sport goodness. You can see in the gallery just how close the real deal matches the design sketches. » 3/04/08 11:18am 3/04/08 11:18am

sQuba Submarine Car Is Real, Looks Silly but Amazingly Fun

This is the sQuba, a concept—but very real—car devised by James Bond fanatic Frank Rinderknecht who, when he's not channeling the spirit of 007's gadget mentor Q, designs classic concept cars for a living. The amphibious two-seater has been made from a Lotus Elise, with three electric motors replacing the petrol… » 2/15/08 6:30am 2/15/08 6:30am