Apple Might Replace Your Broken iPhone 4 with an iPhone 4S

If you bring your broken black iPhone 4 to the Apple Store, you might get a fresh iPhone 4S as your replacement phone. What?! Yep, because of supply constraints, many Apple Stores don't have any black iPhone 4 units (16GB/32GB) in stock so they have been instructed by Apple to give customers an iPhone 4S instead. » 5/07/12 9:34am 5/07/12 9:34am

Apple Making Minor Changes To the Genius Bar

According to MacRumors, Apple is looking to make some minor changes to their Genius Bar. The focus will be on an active queue management, employee multitasking, and performing more overnight repairs. Basically, non-Genius Bar staff will now help walk-in Genius Bar customers, Genius folks will now juggle multiple people … » 7/14/10 1:15pm 7/14/10 1:15pm

Teenager Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up An Apple Store

Here's a Genius Bar horror story for you: Justin Barry, an apparently disgruntled seventeen year old, walked into a Staten Island Apple Store and typed this message on one of the display machines. He's now facing seven years in prison. » 1/15/10 5:40pm 1/15/10 5:40pm

Hey Apple Store Geniuses, Tell Us Your Horror Stories (and Win Free…

Look, we know there are just as many cockbag customers as there are dickhead customer service reps. So, Geniuses, tell us about your most ridiculously asinine customers ever, and we'll give you free pizza. (Don't worry, we'll keep it anonymous.) » 1/15/10 10:00am 1/15/10 10:00am

Genius Bar Horror Stories: I Got Screwed by the Genius Bar

The Genius Bar horror stories are in. And they are horrible. Geniuses obliterating iMacs, covered in roaches, even stealing customers' girlfriends. The evil Genius Bar is real, and it's in your local mall. Update: We've added another truly shitty experience. » 1/14/10 3:20pm 1/14/10 3:20pm