Sony Awarded Dubious "Epic Fail" Award at Hackers' Oscars

A Pwnie award was given to Sony at last week's Black Hat computer security conference's Pwnie Awards, which looks at the past year's hacking efforts and awards them with My Little Pony trophies. Sony's major security breach from earlier in the year was the only hacking incident to be nominated for the top prize. » 8/08/11 3:50am 8/08/11 3:50am

PlayStation Hacker Must Hand His Hard Drive Over to Sony

The notorious George Hotz, AKA GeoHot and the man who cracked PS3's tough encryption system, has been ordered to hand over his computer to authorities by a federal judge—so that Sony can "inspect" files relating to his exploit. The judge also ordered Hotz not to delete any files before Sony gets its hands on the… » 2/11/11 6:40am 2/11/11 6:40am

Root Key for PS3 Now Available, Hacker Claims

After German hacker group fail0verflow showed they'd hacked the PS3 to run pirated apps and games, another hacker has published the PS3's root key online, which allows precisely that. [Geohot via Kotaku and PSX-SceneThanks, Affan!] » 1/03/11 4:20am 1/03/11 4:20am

PS3s Running Linux Could Be Saved If Hacker Geohot Finds The Cure

This Thursday PlayStation 3 owners who install a firmware update will find that the ability to run other operating systems—such as Linux—will be removed. Most people won't even notice, but hacker Geohot is already working on a fix. » 3/30/10 7:16am 3/30/10 7:16am

iPhone OS 3.1.2 Unlock Accomplished, Dropping November 4

Geohot, the same hacker who first jailbroke OS 3.1.2, is now also the first to crack the 3.1.2 baseband. Previously, anyone who had unlocked their phone at version 3.0 or lower was fine as long as they were careful when upgrading, but anyone running 3.1 or higher was out of luck. Good news for anyone looking to unlock… » 10/31/09 4:12pm 10/31/09 4:12pm

iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware Unlock Available, Requires Command Line Voodoo

Click to viewA new software-based iPhone 1.1.3 firmware unlock has been claimed by GeoHot. Don't expect a one-click solution like AnySIM or IPSF: it requires some hackertastic command line voodoo-juju, so it's not apt for mere mortals. Also, be warned that it hasn't been tested yet for secondary effects and may require … » 2/08/08 4:57am 2/08/08 4:57am