How Will You Celebrate The Pi Day Of The Century?

Happy Pi Day! How are you celebrating the transcendental, irrational mathematical constant central derived from circles on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53? For me, it's going to be giggling over physicists engaging in an epic chalk battle, and devouring an apple-ginger pie. » 3/14/15 12:46pm 3/14/15 12:46pm

The Best Impossible Pasta Shapes Made Real By 3D-Printing

Traditional pasta extruders, as mesmerizing as they are, can only handle so much complex geometry. Barilla recently held a competition for 3D-printed pasta shapes, and the winners include unusual shapes like a blooming rose and cratered moon. » 12/23/14 11:15am 12/23/14 11:15am

Hang These Polyhedrons Wherever You Need Some Colorful Geometry

Like all good things, the pretty Themis Mobile also requires a little work. This floating DIY sculpture by Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk will bring a bright burst of color to a sunny room—after you've taken a refresher in high school geometry class. » 10/10/14 5:20pm 10/10/14 5:20pm

Magic cube transforms into dozens of wonderful geometrical shapes

Andreas Markus Hoenigschmid is the master of solid geometry, the black magic wizard of three-dimensional space. Check out the dozens of objects he can create with his amazing transforming cubes. » 7/03/14 9:48pm 7/03/14 9:48pm

The Handheld Mathematics of Geometer Ron Resch

Visionary applied geometer Ron Resch, who passed away in 2012, is the subject of the incredible documentary embedded above, that, while by no means new (it was produced back in the grainy days of 1970) seemed worth posting here. Over the course of its more than 40 minutes of mind-altering geometry and material… » 11/13/13 4:40pm 11/13/13 4:40pm

The Weird Math That Can Make Wheels That Aren't Circular

If you need something to roll smoothly along the ground, you better strap some of those circular things called wheels to it, right? Well, not quite—because there are actually other shapes that roll smoothly, too. » 11/12/13 4:30am 11/12/13 4:30am

Whoa This Timelapse Of Reflected Cities Is Nuts

Photographer Michael Shainblum shot video footage in a bunch of cities: Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. They're all famous cities that people photograph and explore every day so he wanted to do something different. And kind of out there. He moves from simple reflections to crazy… » 7/21/13 8:00pm 7/21/13 8:00pm

Make Tricky And Beautiful Geometric Patterns In Isometric

iOS has filters and drawing apps up the wazoo, so it can be hard to see the point of new ones. But Isometric allows you to create and manipulate designs and optical illusions that are weirdly compelling. It's something about starting from a blank screen and building such a dimensional pattern. » 7/21/13 12:40pm 7/21/13 12:40pm

Grill Up Your Burgers with a Side of Geometry

There's hardly a better day for grilling than the 4th of July, and what better way to celebrate a nation's independence than barbecuing with a charcoal grill that celebrates freedom from traditional geometry? » 7/04/13 12:39pm 7/04/13 12:39pm

These Minimalist Cards Are Almost Too Pretty to Play With

Sometimes it's not what you include but what you exclude that matters—which is the idea behind this beautiful pack of playing cards by designer Joe Doucet. » 4/30/13 6:49am 4/30/13 6:49am

Watch the Mind-Bending Mathematical Films of an Early Computer Artist

Before there was Adobe Creative Suite, digital art degrees, and New Aesthetic, there was Manfred Mohr grappling with ideas of logic, programming, and what he could make computers do in the early 1970s. Now, you can watch some of Mohr's beautiful experiments on YouTube. » 4/11/13 2:40pm 4/11/13 2:40pm

Anyone Can Be a Pool Shark When This Projector Calls the Shots

Pool is simple if you know your geometry. And physics. And have good hand-eye coordination. And while none of those seem that hard on their own, they can be a little tough to put together. But with a little help from tech, it becomes as easy as just keeping your eyes open. » 3/02/13 4:00pm 3/02/13 4:00pm

Is Every Single Tech Ad Making the Same Basic Geometric Mistake?

You've seen the pose. One or two phones or tablets standing straight up. Another leaning up against the first at an angle. And somehow, they're all the exact same height. ARRRRGHHH. You learn this crap in middle school, right? Reddit pointed how absurd this seems earlier today. » 12/10/12 5:48pm 12/10/12 5:48pm

Alexander Graham Bell Sure Did Love the Tetrahedrals

Alexander Graham Bell. Genius. Father of the telephone. Hardcore tetrahedral nut. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 of his best pyramid-shaped wonders.
When you get through here, check out these famous laboratories, these nine odd Edison inventions, and these 15 myths about the founding fathers' inventions. » 12/12/11 9:40pm 12/12/11 9:40pm

630 Coffee Stirrers and 1,260 Cocktail Sticks Make Me Feel Woefully…

Nick Sayers is a geometric artist who uses everyday objects to create unusual models. His latest creation is the Hyperbolic Coffee Cactus, a sculpture whose design is both awe-inspiring and humbling. » 7/11/11 9:40pm 7/11/11 9:40pm

Sayers' latest creation is inspired by a dodecahedron with 12 geometric projections. Each projection is half an…

Meet the Gömböc, one of the strangest shapes in the world

Invented by Hungarian mathematicians, the Gömböc can't ever be kept down. It's the world's only artificial, self-righting shape. » 6/15/11 3:40pm 6/15/11 3:40pm

The QuaDror: An Ingenuous New Way To Build

It has more structural strength, both horizontally and vertically, than a traditional A-frame, though it can be folded totally flat for economical shipping. It scales terrifically. It has potential applications in disaster relief, bridge-building, low-income housing, sound-insulation and art, though its elegant… » 2/23/11 12:40pm 2/23/11 12:40pm