See George Clooney In Peak Lovable Scamp Mode in Out of Sight 

Lovable scamp George Clooney was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award at last night's Golden Globes for his prank-laden acting career. Clooney is perhaps the first person to receive a lifetime achievement award for portraying a lovable scamp in dozens of variations, but the man does know how to… »1/12/15 8:00pm1/12/15 8:00pm


George Clooney Was the Only One Who Saw the Sony Hack Coming

The debilitating, often humiliating Sony hack has pretty much screwed over most anyone who's ever had anything to do with the company ever. But when the time comes to lay blame, lay it not on George Clooney. For as with everything else in life, George Clooney had the upper hand. His prophecy by email lies below. »12/09/14 4:20pm12/09/14 4:20pm