Even Star Trek Knows That Time Warner Cable Is So Very Terrible

Anyone who has ever been so unfortunate to have Time Warner Cable as their cable and Internet provider will agree that it is so completely awful. Whether it's Internet outages or slow trickling speed or screwy HD channels or all of the above, I've never known anyone to not hate Time Warner. Hell, even the guys of Star… »10/01/12 8:00pm10/01/12 8:00pm


George Takei Wants to Unite Star Wars Fans and Star Trek Fans in War Against Twilight

Star Wars and Star Trek very probably have the most rabid fans known to geekdom. But they're constantly trying to one up each other! What's better! Who's more awesome! Even the stars—William Shatner and Carrie Fisher—have gotten into it with each other. STOP IT. NO MORE. There's a bigger enemy out there: Twilight. »12/12/11 7:40pm12/12/11 7:40pm

George Takei's Heroes Power Tells Him to Buy Apple Stock

Heroes Season 2 was mostly garbage. So I was kind of glad the writer's strike gave them the chance to reboot and blow past the rest of the season, thereby preserving my final, dangly shreds of interest (though I worry about this season's rumored multi-verse). Anyways! One deleted scene reveals Hiro's dad's (George… »8/11/08 7:20pm8/11/08 7:20pm