White House Home Theater Reveals Laura Bush's Bordello Tastes

This is what the Prez and his people watch their Chuck Norris movies in: the White House home theater. It's, er, very red, isn't it? The refurb was overseen by Laura Bush in 2004, who was, apparently, inspired by turn-of-the-last century movie palaces. Another shot, plus the magnolia hell that was its previous… » 2/27/08 7:13am 2/27/08 7:13am

Bush's Binoculars and Sony Bluetooth Speakers: Separated at Birth?

Sony's SRS-BTM30 Bluetooth Speakers look like a pair of binoculars with the caps on, but don't tell our beloved Commander-In-Chief. The two 48mm speakers inside are amplified with 3 watts of power for each one, and can play back 30-foot-distant sounds from any device supporting the Bluetooth A2DP profile. It'll also… » 10/12/06 12:28pm 10/12/06 12:28pm