Skip Ringing the Bell With This Multi-Purpose Door-Breaching Hammer

Some people keep an extra key hidden under a rock in case they get home and find their keychain missing. But Gerber's come up with a more entertaining solution, especially if you're getting home from work feeling stressed. The Ding Dong Breaching Tool is actually designed for law enforcement who need to break down… »6/12/14 1:00pm6/12/14 1:00pm


A Pen That Just Might Be Mightier Than an Actual Sword

The rat race is a war fought on domestic soil, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And those of you who bravely march into corporate America every morning need to ensure you're properly equipped for your nine-to-five battle. A shiny pair of wingtips and a brown bag lunch will only get you to the front lines. For… »10/02/13 5:00pm10/02/13 5:00pm

Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light Offers Seven Tendrils, Five Modes

Did somebody take a Power Squid and turn it into a seven-headed hydra of a flashlight? Yep, kinda. It's the Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light, with seven articulated legs springing out of its casing, each leg with a versatile LED in the end with five lighting modes. You can have a focused white flashlight, a more diffused… »9/28/06 10:00am9/28/06 10:00am