Germ-Eliminating Knife Block Sanitizes Your Stabbiness

Thanks to the germ eliminating knife block, the next time you stab someone you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your blade is 99.99% germ-free (we wouldn't want an infection to set in now would we?). The block relies on UV-C light to eliminate bacteria—and if you are a serious germaphobe it can be… »10/21/08 11:30am10/21/08 11:30am

VIOlight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer, for Germophobes on the Run

Out here on the toothbrush beat, you run into all sorts of fear-mongering products such as the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer. Now you can take that germophobia out on the road with the VIOlight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer, a smaller version of that near-miraculous home version that probably does no good but might make… »8/20/07 12:11pm8/20/07 12:11pm