This Water Bottle Filters All Germs As You Drink

Worry about dirty water when you're traveling, biking or hiking and don't want to fuss with a complicated, heavy filter or pollute the taste of your drinking water with chemical treatments? This new Naked Filter from Liquidity promises to remove "99.9999%" of bacteria and protozoa as you sip. » 3/12/15 1:16pm 3/12/15 1:16pm

A Jacket That Protects You From Germs on Public Transit

The growing bedbug issue on New York's subways sounds pretty awful, but you know what's worse? All the parasites and invisible germs you don't see while taking public transit. You might as well be rolling around in a petri dish when you step on a bus, unless you've got protection. Say, gallons of hand sanitizer, or … » 9/18/14 3:10pm 9/18/14 3:10pm

Science Says Not to Wash Your Chicken Before You Cook It

Here's something to bring up the next time you're eating after being a winner winner: you don't actually have to wash the raw chicken with water before you cook it. In fact, science is saying that it's definitely worse to wash a chicken with water because you might spray all kinds of bacteria from the kitchen all… » 8/27/13 2:00am 8/27/13 2:00am

Your Next Smartphone Screen Will Be Able to Disinfect Itself

Your phone is filthy. Anything that's getting rubbed by your grimy little fingers on a ridiculously regular basis is going to be far from pristine. But Corning can help. Its newest revision of Gorilla Glass is not only ridiculously resilient, it also kills pesky germs all by itself. » 7/05/13 10:47am 7/05/13 10:47am

How to Safely Eat Fallen Food with the 5-Second Rule

Who among us hasn't quickly reclaimed a floor cookie when no one was looking? If nobody's seen: it didn't happen and it's not dirty. Well, not quite. » 5/14/12 10:30pm 5/14/12 10:30pm

Posters That React to Being Kissed Are the Worst Posters

Ah, Japan, you crazy-ass country you. As if your advertising wasn't surreal enough already, the advent of posters that react to being kissed has taken things into a whole new league. » 4/02/12 7:11am 4/02/12 7:11am

Everything You Need To Battle Those Terrifying Invisible Invaders: Germs

You can't see 'em, you can't smell 'em, and you certainly can't feel 'em—but you just know your body and your home is crawling with microscopic invaders who'll do everything they can to make you sick. Gerrrrrms! » 2/21/12 3:30pm 2/21/12 3:30pm

We're Sending Germs to Mars

What happens when living organisms are bombarded with cosmic radiation for years on end? We don't know, unless comic books are allowed into the discussion. But an upcoming mission will put earthling microbes in the crossfire en route to Mars. » 11/08/11 8:40pm 11/08/11 8:40pm

Sorry, Freezing Your Jeans Will Not Ungross Them

Your jeans in the freezer: It's a recipe for shrinkage of the worst kind, plus it won't do anything to clean your jeans despite Levi's recommendation to do so. » 11/08/11 5:00pm 11/08/11 5:00pm

No, You May Not Use My Earbuds

Have you ever had someone ask you to borrow your earbuds? It's gross, right? I typically say yes, but I'm always skeeved out, and reach for the alcohol wipes afterward. Bottom line: earbud sharing is not acceptable social behavior. » 9/16/11 1:00pm 9/16/11 1:00pm

Stainless Steel Just Earned the Germ-Free Achievement

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have successfully managed to create antibacterial stainless steel. By introducing silver, nitrogen, and carbon to the surface of the metal, it not only wards off germs but is resistant to wear and tear. » 7/19/11 6:40pm 7/19/11 6:40pm

Whoops: Alleged Anthrax Killer Might Not Have Been the Anthrax Killer

Bruce Ivins was suspected by the FBI and DOJ of sending powdered anthrax to government agencies and killing five people in 2001. In 2008 he committed suicide. Most assumed he was guilty. But maybe he wasn't? » 7/19/11 11:26am 7/19/11 11:26am

Almost-Indestructible Bed Bugs Can be Sniffed Out With This Device

From the same man who invented the George Foreman spin fryer, the fuel-tank mechanism for the F-22 Raptor jet and dozens of other awesome products comes...the bed-bug sniffer! » 5/23/11 2:20pm 5/23/11 2:20pm

This Man Made Enough Germ Weapons to Destroy the World (And Now He's…

William C. Patrick III died last week. He was responsible for enough bio-weaponry to kill every single person on the planet. And several other planets. And then, he spent the rest of his life fighting against his own deadly creations. » 10/11/10 6:20pm 10/11/10 6:20pm

SteriPEN Sidewinder Purifier Blasts Dirty Water With UV Rays

Fresh from this year's Outdoor Retailer expo comes SteriPEN's new Sidewinder portable water purifier. You can leave the batteries at home on your next trip, as the Sidewinder only needs a good cranking to power its germ-killing UV bulb. » 8/05/10 8:40pm 8/05/10 8:40pm

Kill Gadget Germs Dead With Violight's Snake-Oil UV Light Sanitizer

From the same company that makes toothbrush sanitizers comes the gadget sanitizer—seen here rinsing an iPhone with UV light to kill all the nasty germs living on it. » 6/21/10 5:47am 6/21/10 5:47am

Evict Bacteria With the Cleankeys Touch Sensitive Keyboard

Did you know that your run of the mill keyboard is basically a gigantic apartment complex for bacteria? Gross, no? Thankfully there's Cleankeys, a keyboard that bulldozes that shit and replaces it with a sleek, sterile touch-sensitive slab. » 2/24/10 8:00pm 2/24/10 8:00pm

This RC Tissue Box Could Save You From The Swine Flu

A tissue box that you can drive seems stupid at first, but it could be a hot product given our current state of hysteria over germs. I say quarantine the sick and deploy RC vehicles to handle it. » 10/29/09 12:00pm 10/29/09 12:00pm

Pureray UV Baby Bottle Could Be a Baby Killer

I get it—a baby bottle with a built-in UV lamp for killing any germs that might be lurking in the formula. Parents would eat this up. But would it do more harm than good? » 10/16/09 7:40pm 10/16/09 7:40pm