Literally Anything Is Touch Sensitive With This Leap Motion Hack

Beer cans. Toys. Post-it notes. A fridge. Even a computer screen, because why not? All of these things become touch-sensitive thanks to a fun little piece of work courtesy of a Russian agency called The Family, which posted their work to Vimeo this week. » 11/14/14 10:24am 11/14/14 10:24am

Wristbands That Translate Sign Language Into Speech Would Be Awesome

A student team working with Google has come up with an ingenious way to translate signing into spoken word: electronic wristbands that measure the wearer's muscle activity, recognizing sign language symbols and speaking them through an Android device. It could quite literally give signers a voice. » 6/21/14 10:00am 6/21/14 10:00am

Steelcase Gesture: A Smartphone-Friendly Office Chair

Finally acknowledging that very few people actually sit in an office chair the way it was designed to be used, Steelcase has created a new chair that caters to all the wacky poses we strike when using various devices. So while the new Gesture can still be used with a traditional keyboard and monitor setup, it's also… » 3/01/13 1:20pm 3/01/13 1:20pm

Could This Smart Armband Take The Cameras Out of Gesture Control?

Gesture control is a tough nut to crack. Microsoft's Kinect has proven that. But there are bright spots—like Leap Motion—that promise a futuristic world of hands-off finesse. Add Thalmic Lab's muscle-sensing Bluetooth arm band "MYO" to that list. » 2/25/13 11:57am 2/25/13 11:57am

Microsoft Can Detect Your Gestures Using Just Your Computer's Audio

Kinect has drawn a huge amount of interest, not just from gamers but computer scientists, engineers and artists. Now, it seems Microsoft is branching out, because one of its latest research projects offers gesture control powered by just a computer's speakers, microphone, and some inaudible sound. » 5/08/12 5:34am 5/08/12 5:34am

How To Turn Your Wall Into a Touchscreen Phone Using a Kinect

Okay, this isn't going to be easy, but a developer has posted a video on YouTube showing how it's possible to use an Android handset, a projector, a Kinect and a computer to create the future. In your living room. Now. » 1/24/12 7:16am 1/24/12 7:16am

Turn Any Surface Into a Touch-Sensitive Instrument With a $20 Microphone

My desk is boring. My walls are boring. My windows are boring. I need to liven them up by turning them into musical instruments that detect and recognise my touch. Fortunately, that's cheaper and easier than it sounds. » 1/02/12 6:55am 1/02/12 6:55am

You Are About to Start Shopping with Gestures Thanks to Kinect

It's about time someone did something cool with Kinect that wasn't an art project or a glorified Dance Dance Revolution. A new Mastercard prototype makes it scary easy to buy stuff off your TV with the flick of an arm. » 9/15/11 11:04pm 9/15/11 11:04pm

Ubuntu Users Will be Touching, Tapping, and Sliding With Impending…

Multitouch is landing in Ubuntu's upcoming 10.10 release, with a particular eye on Unity, the netbook-optimized flavor of the popular Linux distribution. The new features are expected to eventually support a variety of touch devices, including Apple's Magic Trackpad. » 8/17/10 9:40pm 8/17/10 9:40pm

The Mutewatch Begs to be Touched

We've seen high-concept watches that are interesting, but the inevitable realization dawns that it takes ten minutes and vector calculus just to figure out what time it is. Mutewatch is different, its touch-based design actually makes it more...useful. » 8/05/10 12:30pm 8/05/10 12:30pm

Wave UFO Controlled By Gestures, Not Convenient, Well-Vetted Remotes

The Wave UFO appears to be the first gesture-controlled...err...R/C vehicle. DVICE explains how you steer its flight: » 2/17/10 2:00pm 2/17/10 2:00pm

Rumor: Windows Mobile 7 Will Have Gestures, Really Debut in February

There's still some question about whether Windows Mobile 6.6 or Windows Mobile 7 will be shown in February, but a solid tipster just told us that it will be WM7. And then he describes it. » 1/15/10 12:20pm 1/15/10 12:20pm

Microsoft Research Demos Magically Touch-Less, Transparent Glass Display

Microsoft's research division is doing tours across college campuses and rather than turning them into snoozefests they're showing off a prototype straight outta Iron Man fantasies. It's a clear glass display which accepts input through voice-control, touch-less gestures, and eye-tracking. » 11/06/09 7:51am 11/06/09 7:51am

A Quick Update on the PlayStation Motion Controller

With the PS3 Slim hogging the limelight, you may have missed Sony's update on its motion sensing controller. This reel from GamesCon shows it waving about as a wand, flashlight, and yep, even a hair brush. » 8/21/09 1:00am 8/21/09 1:00am

Sony Ericsson Yari Requires You to Move Like a Dork to Play Games

The Sony Ericsson Yari has gesture gaming. Instead of moving the phone or clicking buttons, "you make moves in front of the screen to get right in the middle of the action." Oooooooook. » 5/28/09 3:29pm 5/28/09 3:29pm

Chinese University Students Want Me To Diddle My Car to Start It

It's dark. There's a box. It beckons. You stick your finger in and curl "your index finger towards you in a summoning motion". Congratulations, you've just started your car. » 12/15/08 5:45pm 12/15/08 5:45pm

Enable Four-Finger Gestures on Original MacBook Air with Dangerous…

Macrumors forum member michaelb » 11/15/08 7:15pm 11/15/08 7:15pm, in a fit of jealousy over his ladyfriend's new unibody MacBook, decided to try to trick his last-gen MacBook Air into recognizing four-finger gestures. He installed the updated 10.5.5 system from the new MacBook onto his Air, and then through some tricky manipulation of the kernel…

Mgestyk Gesture Control Works With Wiimote, Turns You Into Real Jedi

If the possibility of controlling all your PC applications Minority Report-style » 11/14/08 4:00am 11/14/08 4:00am wasn't enough to get you excited about Mgestyk Technologies' gesture control system, the company's now showing off its ability to work with other input devices. The disembodied hands of Mgestyk employees go all Jedi on us this time…

DIY Hand Gesture Multi-Touch Using a Webcam... and Magic

Andy Wilson » 11/08/08 11:00am 11/08/08 11:00am, from Microsoft Research, has created a pretty impressive new way to interact with your computer, using very basic equipment and some very smart software coding. He's managed to use a standard webcam ("like $30," he says) and custom software to get the cam to recognize the shapes and movement of only his…

Mgestyk Gesture Control System Will Make Your Mouse and Keyboard…

We've seen gesture controls » 11/06/08 7:00pm 11/06/08 7:00pm , but Mgestyk Technologies wants to bring them to your home PC. Using only a 3D camera and proprietary software, the Mgestyk gesture control system is able to capture small hand movements and translate them into commands. These commands can be applied to almost any windows application,…