Samsung's 2014 Smart TVs Will Be Controlled By Your Pointed Finger

Kinect may have been at it for years, but it's taking most companies a fair old while to really get to grips with gesture control. Now, Samsung is planning to offer more fine-grained, finger-sensitive functionality in its 2014 smart TVs. » 12/23/13 3:40am 12/23/13 3:40am

Watch Leap Motion Turn a Windows 8 Rig Into a Futuristic Dream Machine

We've already seen what the Leap Motion can do in apps that support it, but it stands to make your everyday OS-level boredom into a futuristic gesture-controlled wonderland too. This new video shows exactly what kind of applications you can look forward to on your Windows 8 machine, at it seems at least as cool as… » 5/20/13 5:35pm 5/20/13 5:35pm

Leap Motion + Hologram = The Future of Awesomeness

Whether you like gesture control or not, Leap Motion's fine-grain floating-finger input looks like pure future. And it only gets better when you're controlling a pseudo-hologram with it. And that's exactly what Robbie Tilton did with his Tony Stark-worthy setup. » 3/07/13 12:57pm 3/07/13 12:57pm

Asus Is Putting Sick 3D Gesture Controls in Its PCs This Year

Leap Motion's amazing-looking gesture control debuted last May, and has had developers crawling all over it ever since. Now, Asus has announced that it's teaming up with the company to produce a range of computers using the tech—and they should be here this year. » 1/03/13 9:04am 1/03/13 9:04am

Snapdragon-Equipped Phones Are Going Minority Report With Gesture…

Qualcomm did some amazing things with the Snapdragon family of chips. Before their launch, I doubt anyone cared a hoot what processor was running in their phone. Ensuring the shine doesn't tarnish, Qualcomm's snapped up gesture recognition tech from GestureTek. » 7/26/11 5:20am 7/26/11 5:20am

Xbox 360 Wiimote Might Be Made By Motus, Not Gyration

Leigh over at Kotaku did some digging around about the rumored Xbox 360 Wiimote, questioning all the parties involved (Microsoft, Rare, Gyration) and discovered some interesting facts. The most important one is that Gyration isn't working on it, but Motus probably is—they already have a precursor to it called the… » 4/23/08 5:30pm 4/23/08 5:30pm