Da Vinci Sleep Alarm Clock Gives You 21 Hours of Awake Time

Many people swear by polyphasic sleep, or the idea of taking frequent naps throughout the day as opposed to sleeping in one long chunk. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most notable proponents of this seeping method, noting that it helped him be more productive throughout the day. This alarm clock concept follows da… »9/17/08 6:20pm9/17/08 6:20pm

Virtual Lake Floating Lounge Brings the Sandman Every Time

Even the most crippling insomnia is surely no match for the Gentle Wave lounge. Using a handheld remote, users can control a rocking motion that is designed to simulate floating in a lake. It can also be used to manage the intensity of the sound wave massage emanating from its dual 50-watt transducers. Combine that… »9/03/08 3:30pm9/03/08 3:30pm