The 7 Most Important Gadgets of 2014

Another year has gone by, bringing us one unit of time closer to a world of hoverboards and holodecks and Fifth Element haircuts. In that time we saw a lot of gadgets—perhaps too many—but good or bad, only a select few really mattered. Here's a selection of the most important gadgets that showed up in 2014. » 12/30/14 11:50am 12/30/14 11:50am

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Review: 4K For the Rest of Us

While ultra high definition video—you know it better as 4K—has been making steady inroads among the pro ranks for years, it hasn't yet hit with the masses. The Panasonic Lumix GH4 wants to prove that the ability to capture 4K video is something every shooter needs, whether they own an 85-inch 4K TV or not. » 8/22/14 2:26pm 8/22/14 2:26pm

Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7s: The Most-Anticipated Video Slingers, Compared

The Sony A7s and the Panasonic GH4 will be compelling options for people who want to shoot video without dropping a fortune on a pro video rig. Both cameras have unique features and represent some really cool advances in video shooting. While we're busy reviewing them, we wanted to serve up a quick comparison of the… » 7/03/14 1:02pm 7/03/14 1:02pm

Panasonic's Lumix GH4 Packs 4K Video Into a Sweet Mirrorless Shooter

Accessible 4K video shooting is still in its infancy, but it was only a matter of time before it started showing up in consumer cameras. The Panasonic GH line's history of robust video capability makes it a natural fit for 4K, and the new Lumix GH4 squeezes as much as it can into a familiar frame. » 2/06/14 11:00pm 2/06/14 11:00pm

Ben Heck's Blow-Powered Kick Pedal Lets People in Wheelchairs Enjoy…

Super-modder Ben Heck has used his powers for good. Again! This time, he's helping the wheelchair-bound enjoy Guitar Hero 4's drums by using a blow-tube to operate the kick pedal. » 3/04/09 12:45am 3/04/09 12:45am

Secret Guitar Hero 4 "Instrument" Revealed

Rumors have been swirling about what the mystery instrument would be in the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour » 9/17/08 2:30pm 9/17/08 2:30pm. , but the truth is that the "instrument" isn't really an instrument at all. It's actually MIDI tracks on your PC. In other words, users will be able to import their own songs into the game. The catch is that…