The Most Ghetto Car Stereo Ever Makes Duct Taped Windows Seem Classy

We've no idea how old this image is—it's probably been floating around the internet for a while—but unless we see any other possible entries, we're going to award this the Most Ghetto Car Stereo Ever trophy. If you've got an old beater from the 1970s or '80s, you can actually make your own! I know! It's seriously… »4/17/08 4:30pm4/17/08 4:30pm

Lasonic Ghetto Blaster Returns With iPod Dock, Probably Is the Best Boombox Ever

Carajo de boombox de los cojones, brothels! Check out those ghetto colors and speakers in that Lasonic dock-to-go for the iPod, mamasita! Or like they call it, the "high performance music system." Arriba! The 15-pound boombox comes with all kinds of flashy lights and 2 x 15W speakers. Not amazing power, but enough pa… »8/10/07 4:30pm8/10/07 4:30pm

DIY Ghetto Hovercraft Uses a Leaf Blower and Duct Tape (Naturally)

If you're looking for something to keep the kids busy on a Saturday morning (and they've already finish mowing the lawn, sweeping the gutters and trimming the hedges) then this leaf blower-powered hovercraft construction project might be a good way to keep them busy so you can watch Saturday morning cartoons in… »5/20/07 1:38pm5/20/07 1:38pm