Take an Eerie Tour of America's Creepiest Ghost Towns

There are plenty of things that can make a ghost town, from dam projects, to nuclear disaster. The folks over at BuzzFeedVideo put together a rundown of some of America's finest—and most unsettling—from a town built on a hellish inferno, to a city buried beneath Seattle. » 7/06/13 1:06pm 7/06/13 1:06pm

Google Street View Just Added Haunting Panoramas From the Fukushima…

It's been almost two years since the disaster at Fukushima, but the surrounding area is still off-limits, and will continue to be for who knows how long. The town Namie-machi has been vacant since its evacuation on March 11, 2011, and now Google's uploaded Street View images of the eerie, hollow shell that remains. » 3/27/13 4:50pm 3/27/13 4:50pm