8 Things People Say In Interviews That Usually Mean A Movie Will Suck

We constantly get our hopes up for upcoming movies... and then they let us down. It's easy to get sucked into the hype cycle, as people talk up their projects — but sometimes, you can tell just from the way people talk about a film that it's probably not going to work. Here are eight key phrases that usually indicate… » 3/26/15 8:30pm Thursday 8:30pm

The Navy's New Diving Suit Is Straight Out of G.I. Joe

The United States Navy recently announced a futuristic new diving suit that's designed to use less helium. There's only one problem: They made it look just like Cobra Eel, the mortal enemy of Wet-Suit, a G.I. Joe Navy SEAL. » 3/23/15 1:20pm 3/23/15 1:20pm

G.I. Joe Finally Meets Transformers With This Cobra Rattler Decepticon

Despite severe differences in scale, G.I. Joe and the Transformers have been fighting side-by-side in kids' bedrooms for decades now. They've even crossed paths in a handful of comic book series, but for the first time we've got our first official G.I. Joe-branded Transformers toy from Hasbro. » 3/06/15 3:46pm 3/06/15 3:46pm

GI Joe Has Been Fighting the War on Cobra for Half a Century Now

GI Joe fans are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the world's first action figure's debut this month. Over those five decades, the GI Joe brand has seen wild swings in its popularity—a barometer of the public's regard for the US military—and undergone numerous design evolutions. » 2/06/14 5:20pm 2/06/14 5:20pm

If That Awesome G.I. Joe Trailer Were an 80s Toy Commercial

One of the best parts of growing up in the 1980s were the awesome action-packed commercials for G.I. Joe toys. They featured kids actually playing with the vehicles and figures, re-enacting scenes of heroism as the Joes battled Cobra. The folks at Movieclips clearly enjoyed those ads too, as they were inspired to … » 4/10/13 2:05pm 4/10/13 2:05pm

The Most Bad-Ass Member Of G.I. Joe Is Now an Awesome Ninja Flash Drive

Ask any kid who grew up in the 80s who the best member of G.I. Joe was, and they'll unequivocally say Snake Eyes. Not that goody-two-shoes Duke, not that crazy drunken pirate Shipwreck, not even the Tae Kwon Do-master Quick Kick. » 7/14/12 3:00pm 7/14/12 3:00pm

If Knowing Is Half the Battle, What's the Other Half? Lasers.

This t-shirt investigates the oft overlooked "other half" of the battle. So if knowing is half the battle, what's the other half? Lasers. 25% red. 25% blue. We''ll all sleep better having reconciled this age-old conundrum. $20 [Nerduo] » 7/30/09 3:40pm 7/30/09 3:40pm

New G.I. Joe Trailer Looks Like a Bizarro Iron Man Flick

While we should all be insulted that the new G.I. Joe movie wants us take Marlon Wayans semi-seriously, I can't hate all the Iron Man-like exoskeleton action going on in this new French trailer. » 5/02/09 12:00am 5/02/09 12:00am

This is What G.I. Joe Looks Like Now

This is Accelerator Suit Duke, and he's been deemed the "most advanced action figure of all time." Watch him run, watch him shoot, watch him ruin your childhood's conception of everything that is good. » 2/15/09 3:57pm 2/15/09 3:57pm

G.I. Joe Super Bowl Trailer Doesn't Really Feel Like G.I. Joe, You Know?

Hey, while we're at it, let's take a look at the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra ad that's going to show tonight during the game. It also features explosions and sexy women, and... dialogue. » 2/01/09 1:03pm 2/01/09 1:03pm

Robot Porn Film Is Industrialpunkish Kama Sutra (NSFW)

Underwire's Annaliza Savage has published an intriguing video on The Sex Life of Robots, which shows animated bots made out of modified Barbie dolls and G.I. Joes doing naughty naughty things in gritty robot land. » 12/17/08 7:00pm 12/17/08 7:00pm