Why Twitter Can and Will Make GIFs Disappear

You may have heard that Deadspin’s GIFs disappeared from Twitter. And then Deadspin disappeared from Twitter. And then Deadspin reappeared on Twitter. It all seems completely ridiculous, except all of it was a pretty standard blunt-force application of copyright law on the internet. The only unusual part was that… »10/14/15 6:01pm10/14/15 6:01pm


You Can Soon Use Mini Videos As Your Profile Picture on Facebook Mobile

Facebook’s updating its profile picture feature: Mobile users will be able to use 7-second long homemade GIFs as their main picture on the site. This is gonna be just like that time people complained on MySpace when users changed their background to tiled tie-dye or neon fuchsia wallpaper with animated glitter hearts. »9/30/15 3:10pm9/30/15 3:10pm

Perfect GIF loops of machines that don't actually exist

Canadian graphic designer and 3D artist Gareth Fowler makes these neat and perfect infinite loops of unreal machines. If you ask him what he does to figure out how these machines actually work he would say "seek out a mechanical engineering student/graduate, buy them beer, and have them explain stuff to you." »4/09/15 9:24am4/09/15 9:24am

7 Slow-Mo GIFs That Show Off Android Lollipop's Delightful Animations

Android Lollipop is beautiful. It's the best Android has ever looked, thanks in part to its lovely animations and new "material design." We've taken a GIF-centric look at Lollipop before, but YouTuber The Nerd Herd took an awesome slow-mo look at the new animations, and I think that calls for a few more GIFs. »2/24/15 2:00pm2/24/15 2:00pm

The Future of GIFs Is Killing What Makes Them So Great

Those wonderful looping animations we call GIFs are an unlikely story of survival in an age when digital formats come and go like the wind. The lure of the decades-old GIF format has caused people to ignore its flaws, but those looking to bring the format into modern times might just be inadvertently drowning its… »1/30/15 4:00pm1/30/15 4:00pm