iHome iH85: First Look at the Thermos-Shaped iPod Bicycle Boombox

Here's King of the ipod speakers so far. Why? I can't think of one easier to carry. You slip the ipod into a protective, rubberized, canister-shaped speaker, which goes into an over the shoulder ipod holder. Rhyming is awesome. Walk along some boulevard, whistling along to your favorite song. Then, as you wander off… » 11/28/06 7:53pm 11/28/06 7:53pm

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Lamborghini Edition has Awesome Bearings

Please make the Nokia 8800 madness stop! This is the latest version of the Nokia 8800 shiny slider phone. This time it comes in special edition Lamborghini style. The specs for this limited edition 8800 are the same as all of the past models. The only difference is the included Lamborghini logo laser-etching and the… » 11/27/06 4:51pm 11/27/06 4:51pm

JVC's Sophisti Speakers Upscale DVDs and Pack Wi-Fi

So now that you've taken advantage of all those Black Friday specials and scored a new flat-panel TV, it's time to pair it with some decent speakers. Stepping up to the plate is JVC's Sophisti line, a 3.1 system that cuts back on wires and looks good doing it. All three models in the Sophisti range (DD-8, DD-3, DD-1)… » 11/27/06 11:35am 11/27/06 11:35am

Grope: Helio Drift GPS Buddy Stalker Vs. Dodgeball

Hey, you know our exclusive on Helio's Frost White, GPS-enabled Drift phone? Well we've had a bit of time with the phone, and basic stats aside, the buddy finding, GPS, and mapping features are outstanding. But I'm not sure if its better than the combination of the already-downloadable Google Maps and Dodgeball buddy… » 11/26/06 11:11am 11/26/06 11:11am