New Toshiba Gigabeat V Has Bigger Screen, 80s Portable TV Looks

I don't know if this is the future of Zune or not, but the Toshiba Gigabeat V has been updated with a bigger screen and hard drives than the previous generation: 4-inch 480 x 272 pixel screen and 1.8-inch 40 and 80GB drives. It will be out in Japan on the first of June but you will probably see it around here soon,… »5/28/07 5:28am5/28/07 5:28am

Toshiba Launches New Gigabeat: Possible Zune 'Nano' Prototype?

Remember when we learned that the Zune was a re-skinned Toshiba Gigabeat and when Toshiba filed the FCC docs for Microsoft? Kinda took the wind out of the first-generation Zune sales for a bit there, didn't it? Now that Toshiba's just released the P20K and P10K flash-based players (which also look a bit like the… »11/13/06 5:00pm11/13/06 5:00pm

First Generation Microsoft Zunes Are Toshiba OEMs, Second Generation Not-So-Much

Crunchgear has a scoop from a source that confirms the first generation Zune is an OEMed Toshiba Gigabeat, combined with some added on features and functionality made just for Microsoft. Microsoft had to contract Toshiba to build this first unit so they could rush the player out in time for Christmas 2006, probably… »8/25/06 3:40pm8/25/06 3:40pm