Ancient Car-Sized Turtles Hung Out with Titanoboas

Scientists recently discovered a fossilized turtle so big, its shell could be mistaken for a boat. If you were to stand it up, is 5 foot 7 inches, just shorter than the average American male. That's just the shell. Its skull is about the size of a football and was equipped with massive jaws that allowed it to eat… » 5/17/12 8:20pm 5/17/12 8:20pm

Yao Ming Sized BlackBerry Bold Comes With Rogers' Launch Kit

BlackBerry News found this Rogers launch kit of the BlackBerry Bold somewhere up in Canada. So not only is Rogers getting it earlier than AT&T, whose launch is ridiculously mired in delays, but they're getting a gigantic murder-sized version of the phone as well? We say murder-sized because that's exactly the tool we… » 8/13/08 3:00pm 8/13/08 3:00pm