900 Megapixel Portraits Turn the Human Face Into a Crazy Landscape

We've seen stitched together "gigapixel" photos made of a billion pixels before, but they tend to be reserved for huge landscapes. Photographer Daniel Boschung has taken absurdly high resolution methodology and applied it to a much smaller area: The human face. » 3/17/14 6:20pm 3/17/14 6:20pm

Can You Spot All the Hidden Easter Eggs in This 20 Gigapixel Panoramic?

Multi-gigapixel panoramas are rad. It's like peeping at the world through a telescope from the comfort of your own ground-floor living room. But Microsoft has made the concept even more fun with its 20 Gigapixel "ArtZoom," and has hidden a bunch of stuff for you to find. » 1/26/14 1:00pm 1/26/14 1:00pm

36-Gigapixel Image Captures Ancient Petroglyphs in Texas

The work of photographer Mark Willis combines advanced imaging and fabrication technologies with archaeological exploration, often producing breath-taking images, 3D models, and highly accurate virtual environments from ancient sites in the U.S. Southwest. » 9/27/13 4:00pm 9/27/13 4:00pm

How Scientists Hacked a Normal Microscope Into a Gigapixel Superscope

Microscopes are a dime a dozen in universities, so there's plenty of fun to be had hacking 'em any way you can—like a team of researchers from Caltech, who have developed a cheap and easy way to increase their resolution by a factor of 100. » 7/30/13 8:03am 7/30/13 8:03am

Get Up Close to Babbage's Difference Engine in This Gigapixel Image

Charles Babbage's difference engine—the mechanical precursor to today's digital computers—is a beautifully intricate machine. Now, you can take a real close look at it using this gigapixel image. » 11/30/12 5:47am 11/30/12 5:47am

Welcome to the World of Gigapixel Photography

If you feel that your pictures sometimes lack fine-grained detail, they probably do. At least, they do compared to photographs taken with a new supercamera developed at Duke University, which is capable of instantly acquiring images that pack in a staggering 960 million pixels. » 6/21/12 5:40am 6/21/12 5:40am

How Incredible Gigantic Gigapixel Photos Were Meant to Be Navigated

Navigating through a giant, massively detailed photo should be freaking amazing, not confined to a tiny control panel like it too-often is. The Gigalinc project from the University of Lincoln takes all the coolness of humongous photos and lets you control it with Kinect gestures. Awesome. » 9/07/11 2:40pm 9/07/11 2:40pm

The 360 Degree, 10 Gigapixel View From Inside a Stadium Makes You Feel…

Jeffrey Martin, the master of gigapixel pictures, has brought us inside Wembley Stadium during a live soccer game. Like his previous iterations, you get to pan, zoom, pull and see a moment frozen in time. And as alway, it's amazing. » 5/17/11 9:28am 5/17/11 9:28am

The New "Largest Photo in the World" is Also the Prettiest

But really, I'm biased, because I live in that fine city you see captured in Jeffrey Martin's photo: London. 7,886 individual photos were stitched together to form an 80-gigapixel panorama, which can be zoomed-in and out over here. [360Cities] » 11/17/10 6:00am 11/17/10 6:00am

See Mars Better Than An Astronaut With Microsoft's Interactive Maps

In order to create the most interactive 3D-map of Mars ever, NASA had to process 13,000 gigapixel HiRISE images for three years. Now that they've finished, the map will let people see Mars better than most NASA scientists ever have. » 7/13/10 12:00am 7/13/10 12:00am