How Two Big Brand Boozes Are Moving Forward By Going Backward

Original recipes are one of those things coveted most in marketing. Remember how excited everyone was about Coca-Cola Classic after the New Coke fiasco? Well, sometimes spirits-makers want to get in on that action as well, whether that means a limited-edition release like Beefeater is doing with Burrough's Reserve, or… »1/24/14 5:00pm1/24/14 5:00pm

Hide Your Moonshine Operation in Plain Sight with This Prohibition Kit

In the 80 years since prohibition ended in America, home-brewed beer and wines have flourished. Homemade spirits on the other hand have generally remained illegal and illicit (mostly because taxes). Luckily, this gorgeous copper distilling kit breaks down into four innocuous kitchen gadgets when the fuzz comes… »2/11/13 6:40pm2/11/13 6:40pm

How the Perfect Man/Machine Balance Creates Some of the Best Booze in the World

In a 5,000-square foot barn by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, the New York Distilling Company is working on some whiskey. One thousand of the barn's square feet belong to a bar, The Shanty, and the remaining 4,000 is a cavernous distillery. Most days, it's a one-man show, with Bill Potter overseeing tanks,… »10/19/12 5:05pm10/19/12 5:05pm