Girl Scouts Cookie Oven Review: Get Your Thin Mints Fix Anytime, Anywhere

For years the only way to get your hands on authentic Girl Scouts Cookies was to find a troop perched outside a mall, or hope they came knocking at your door. But that’s all about to change now that the Scouts have licensed their brand, and addictive cookies, to a tiny oven that lets you bake your own. »8/28/15 1:25pm8/28/15 1:25pm


Hallelujah, You Can Bake Your Own Girl Scouts Cookies in This Tiny Oven

Are you tired of the high-pressure sales tactics used by the cookie-selling Girl Scouts outside the entrance of your local shopping mall? You're not alone, and you'll never have to be intimidated by them again because the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven from Wicked Cool Toys lets you make your own Thin Mints and Coconut… »2/13/15 9:35am2/13/15 9:35am

Smartphone-Equipped Girl Scouts Will Let You Pay for Cookies With Credit Cards

Looking to push their cookie trafficking operation into the 21st century, Girl Scouts are now coupling Intuit's GoPayment system with Android and iOS smartphones to collect payments via credit card. In the past, the only thing limiting the amount of Thin Mints and Trefoils I bought was the amount of hard cash in my… »2/23/11 8:40pm2/23/11 8:40pm