The Manti Te'o Fake Girlfriend Hoax: Crazy 3D News Edition

By now you probably know about Deadspin's story on Manti Te'o, the Notre Dame player who invented a fake girlfriend killed by leukemia and now claims that he was hoaxed (of course you were, Manti, of course). If you don't, watch this 3D news video from our friends at NMA. If you do, watch it anyway, because it's… »1/17/13 12:45pm1/17/13 12:45pm

A Chair That Lets Your Girlfriend Sit on Your Lap Without Smushing Your Lap

You know those cool guys who have their girlfriend sit on their lap? They're in pain. Maybe not that instant and maybe not tomorrow but when they get a bit older, they'll feel it. You can't move as freely, you get hot, and your leg goes to sleep. Romantic? Sure why not. Comfortable? No effing way. Laps should be a sit… »3/22/11 11:20am3/22/11 11:20am