Girlfriend Body Pillow Update: Now $12, Still Terribly Sad

It's been a while since we checked in on the Deluxe Comfort Girlfriend Body Pillow, but we can now confirm that it is still available from Sears. And despite receiving a 20% price bump from $10 to $12, it's still the saddest, most inexplicable human being substitute you can buy. » 10/23/12 6:08pm 10/23/12 6:08pm

Girlfriend Body Pillow: The Saddest Place to Lay Your Head

Tossing and turning at night because your one-armed, lumpy-felt-breasted girlfriend left town? Or just feeling extra creepy? Never fear, sad lonely person: the Deluxe Comfort Girlfriend Body Pillow is here. And it is just awful. » 4/22/10 12:00am 4/22/10 12:00am