This Sweet Connected Toy Is Designed To Teach Kids How to Program

Last week we were given a stark reminder of just how far the toy industry has to go in making great toys for girls that promote engineering, in the form of this Barbie travesty. Here's a nice antidote from a UX design firm called Slice of Lime: Nübi, a connected toy prototype that aims to teach basic programming… »11/24/14 3:33pm11/24/14 3:33pm

The Doubleclicks: Nothing to Prove (Girls Can Be Geeks Too)

Geeks come in all shapes, sizes, forms, kinds, heights, hair colors, ethnicities and yes, even gender. This lovely little music video by The Doubleclicks shows off geek girls who have "Nothing to Prove" about their geekiness. Geek girls are constantly and wrongfully tested about their geekiness because us dimwitted… »7/23/13 11:30pm7/23/13 11:30pm

An Iron and Steel Mill Company Decided to Make a Calendar Filled with Naked Girls and Melted Metal

For some reason, a Belarusian iron and steel mill made a calendar using its naked women workers. That's sort of normal, I guess. But the iron and steel mill wanted to make sure anyone who saw this calendar knew it was theirs by superimposing images of melting metal, wire looms, burning steel, cables, fences and… »12/03/12 10:20pm12/03/12 10:20pm

A Dating Site That Hooks You Up with Someone Who Looks Like You is a new dating site (that launches sometime this month) that tries to hook up people who look alike. Seriously! It uses facial-recognition technology (from that tracks nine points on each user's face-eyes, ears, nose, chin, and corners and center of the mouth-to find their match. The… »3/08/11 12:00pm3/08/11 12:00pm

The Panasonic Lumix FX78 Airbrushes Your Face to Make You Prettier

You've seen the scene before: immediately after a picture is snapped, a group of girls huddle around the camera to see how they look. More often than not, one of the girls shriek, "Ah! I don't like it, let's take it again!". And they take another picture and do the same post picture routine. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. But… »3/03/11 9:00pm3/03/11 9:00pm