This Gear Will Allow You to Experience Music on Your Device the Way it…

Everyday music players and headphone bundles are built to try to give you the best music listening experience from smaller audio files at a slightly lower sound quality, to save space for more music. Though you can choose to load full quality songs onto most devices, your standard earbuds probably weren't built to… » 7/08/11 4:44pm 7/08/11 4:44pm

Gizmodo Thinks You Deserve a Private Driver

Cabs come quick, but who wants a grimy backseat? Car services are a great ride, but they take forever. How about the best of both worlds? Uber offers convenient on-demand rides, at your fingertips, using a mobile device. And guess what? Gizmodo readers get to ride for free. » 7/01/11 5:29pm 7/01/11 5:29pm

Dress Your iPad as a Stylish Notepad

Some of you enjoy flaunting the beauty of a naked iPad, but Pad and Quill's gorgeous birch wood Contega for iPad 2 gives your device both rugged protection and good looks, without losing any of your device's functionality. This week's Gizaway brings you the chance to win one of these elegantly designed cases. » 6/24/11 3:29pm 6/24/11 3:29pm