How Far Samsung's Galaxy S Phones Have Come, in One GIF

The evolution of any smartphone is a long, drawn-out process. But when you cram it all down into a four-second GIF, the results are pretty mesmerizing. » 3/27/15 4:40pm Friday 4:40pm

Tactile Keyboards That Rise Out of Touchscreens Are Finally Here

The endless mobile keyboard debate: physical versus digital. BlackBerry advocates and other old-school tech geeks swear by one while literally everyone else has moved on to the other. Tactus Technology thinks there's no reason why we can't have both—in the very same device. Physical keyboards that magically raise out… » 2/12/15 12:00pm 2/12/15 12:00pm

Flipboard for the Web Turns Your PC Into a Beautiful Internet Magazine

When Flipboard launched for iPad back in 2010, it was like the Seinfeld of digital magazines, a publication about nothing. A year later the app brought its fluid, touch-based reader to smartphones. Now, Flipboard is finally showing desktops some love. » 2/10/15 4:45pm 2/10/15 4:45pm

Welcome To Spy Week!

Spies are everywhere in pop culture (and real life.) We're fascinated with the glamour of espionage, as well as the gritty reality of spycraft. So this week, io9 and Gizmodo decided to celebrate Spy Week, an examination of all things dark and secret. » 2/09/15 12:45pm 2/09/15 12:45pm

Ralph McQuarrie Is Star Wars, and This Mini Doc Proves It

The internet is understandably excited about the new Star Wars trailer. I have no problems considering myself a mega ultra super fan. I've made pilgrimages to conventions around the country and seeing new live-action Star Wars footage that isn't the prequels is really exciting. But there's one name that's been… » 11/30/14 9:00pm 11/30/14 9:00pm

The Netherlands' Tallest Church Looks Even More Amazing From a Drone

Aerial drone videos, for better or worse, are here to stay, but it's difficult to be too upset about this filming technique's unchecked adoption when it captures video like this. Dutch filmmakers Jelte Keur and Reinout van Schie filmed the tallest church in the Netherlands, and the results are breathtaking. » 11/23/14 9:00am 11/23/14 9:00am

How to Follow the Gizmodo Staff on Twitter

Recently, we here at Gizmodo have had the pleasure of welcoming a ton of new staff members. And even though you may have already liked us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter (hint hint), now's as good a time as any to reacquaint yourself with all of our beaming, blog-addled faces. » 9/22/14 11:39am 9/22/14 11:39am

Inside the Design of the New Gawker Media (and Gizmodo) Offices

Gizmodo—and Gawker Media—are moving. We're packing up our cozy little SoHo walkup and heading to a big new office in Union Square. And according to the architects who are designing it, it's going to be very, very cool. » 9/16/14 5:55pm 9/16/14 5:55pm

What Do You Want Gizmodo To Do More Of?

Gizmodo began as a compendium of gadgets; page after page of strictly hardware and gear. But in the decade since, the ways society talks about and interacts with technology have evolved. This site has, too. And as we continue to, I'd like to know what you want to see us doing more of—or less—along the way. » 7/25/14 3:15pm 7/25/14 3:15pm

Welcome to Factually

Here at Gizmodo, we love fun facts. But we think they've been treated pretty poorly on the internet. Too much of the trivia passing through our Twitter and Facebook streams is filled with lies. So we're starting a new site that hopes to fix some of that. It's called Factually. » 7/01/14 12:25pm 7/01/14 12:25pm

Come Co-Work With the Gizmodo Gang at the Home of the Future, May 17-21

You're sitting at your computer. At work. Reading this post. Take a look around—what do you see? There's a whole lot of wiggle room where the word "office" is concerned, and, from May 17th to the 21st, we'd love for you to come on over and get connected at Gizmodo's Home of the Future. » 5/12/14 9:59am 5/12/14 9:59am

Save the Date: The Gizmodo Home of the Future is May 17-21

When you try to imagine what it will be like to live in the future, you might imagine flying cars, robotic butlers, or floating beds. Will we grow our own food? Will TVs still exist? How will we turn the lights on? Seriously, what will our future homes look and feel like? In a few weeks, Gizmodo—with the help and… » 4/29/14 5:31pm 4/29/14 5:31pm

Steve Wozniak Surprises Girl with Mac Delivery, Happy Girl Freaks Out

Steve Wozniak just sent this fun stunt caught on video a few years ago: Watch him deliver a Mac to Emma, a girl who freaks out when she realizes her idol is at the door carrying her new computer. As Emma's father says in the video: "This is like having your lightbulbs delivered by Thomas Edison." He's totally right. … » 3/30/14 7:47pm 3/30/14 7:47pm

Say Hello to 3 New Subdomains on Gizmodo

We've added three subdomains to the greater Gizmodo umbrella this week, three awesome blogs that have long been carving out a niche for themselves elsewhere. So here's a hearty welcome to Southland, Abler, and Disquiet. » 11/26/13 1:00pm 11/26/13 1:00pm

How to Stalk the Gizmodo Staff on Twitter

As you may know, Gizmodo's been going through some serious changes. The site design, yes, but also in terms of design coverage and getting to the core of how our surroundings shape our lives. We're still the same straightforward and occasionally snarky Giz to the core, but in opening our arms to new ideas we've also… » 10/08/13 3:00pm 10/08/13 3:00pm

The Golden Gate Bridge Looked Even More Stunning Before It Had a Road

The Golden Gate Bridge is almost certainly the world's most iconic bridge, and one of the country's most-photographed landmarks. But here, you see it in a state only a handful of people ever witnessed: reaching across the San Francisco Bay for the very first time. » 5/29/13 4:30pm 5/29/13 4:30pm

A Closer Look at Geoff Manaugh, Gizmodo's New Editor in Chief

In an in-depth Q&A published last night, The New York Times' Steven Kurutz talks to our new Editor in Chief, Geoff Manaugh, about his vision for Gizmodo. » 5/23/13 11:40am 5/23/13 11:40am

New Faces, New Places

Over the last several weeks, you may have noticed some changes at Gizmodo—and not just the layout. We've been sharpening our coverage of design, concepts, and the objects and ideas that are shaping our world, and growing our team to help us do it. Now it's time to meet the people who are leading that charge—starting… » 5/17/13 1:56pm 5/17/13 1:56pm