Exclusive Pics of the Vudu - Video Store In A Box

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These are the first pictures of the box, remote control and UI of Vudu, a video store in a box that is going to engage in a battle royale with Apple TV later this summer. The service will launch with thousands of movies from seven major studios as well as indie distributors, connects directly to your TV… » 4/28/07 1:05am 4/28/07 1:05am

Buffalo Web Access Lets You Snag Files From Anywhere

On Monday, Buffalo Technology will release Web Access, software that will let you access any of Buffalo's LinkStation Live NAS (network attached storage) devices from anywhere on the Interwebs. There's no software to hook up; you just use any Web browser to connect to Buffalo's website, enter the secret name of your… » 4/27/07 4:45pm 4/27/07 4:45pm