Sulis Personal Water Purifier: A Bottle-Top Device That Could Save Lives

We've already written about the LifeStraw, a product that could save the lives of the 1.5 million under-fives who die each year from drinking untreated water, and here's another. Developed by an Israeli company called Water Sheer, the Sulis personal water purifier (named after the Roman goddess of spring water) is a… » 3/23/07 10:26am 3/23/07 10:26am

TomTom Mobile 5 Reviewed (Verdict: Very Nice, Better With John Cleese)

The TomTom Mobile 5 is a Bluetooth device that beams tracking info to a compatible Windows Mobile smartphone. TomTom, best known for their excellent standalone GPS devices, is maintaining its comparatively high standards by offering quite a few good features in a box the size of a pack of Virginia Slims, provided, of… » 8/24/05 1:52pm 8/24/05 1:52pm