Nokia N90 Available?

Nokia has announced that their highly anticipated N90 is available through Ritz Camera. Ritz is selling the phone for 400 bones with an activation plan through T-Mobile, or a straight up $700 without any kind of plan. Nokia has been giving us Gizmodo blue balls with this phone for around seven months and we are…

HP iPaq rx1950 - The Small One

Lots of handheld news today. The iPaq rx1950 looks like a stunted little thing but it's quite powerful and runs Windows Mobile 5.0. The 3.5-inch TFT screen is another plus but the 300Mhz processor places this firmly in the lower stratum of handheld majesty. Styling, however, is just about perfect and Windows Mobile…

More Nikon Goodies

As we mentioned before, Nikon dropped five cameras today. We liked the P2 but the S3, an update of the ultra-slim S-line and the flippy S4 are both winning our hearts as well. Then you've got the Coolpix P1 with wireless connectivity (!!) and the L1 and L101, two standard shooters. Very nice line-up.