The Gizmodo Loves Japan Project

We think Japan is pretty swell. So with the country still reeling in the aftermath of March's earthquake and tsunami, we'd like to do our part to aid in the recovery. And you can help! » 7/21/11 2:15pm 7/21/11 2:15pm

Designed by creative agency ENJIN. Body color: White or Black Sizes: S/M/L Designed by designer OMOMMA. Inspired by Kanji…

Gizmodo Japan at the Japanese iPad Launch

Here are our colleagues from who just waited in line all night to be some of the first in Japan to get the iPad. And to celebrate, of course, they made these iPad hats. Amazing. Keep it up, guys! » 5/28/10 7:00pm 5/28/10 7:00pm

Gizmodo Japan: Moe Shirt

If you could encapsulate Japan's otaku culture into a single kanji character, it would likely be the word mo , a term that has hit the big time in the past year, helped along by the maid cafe boom in Tokyo and Densha Otoko ("Train Man"), a popular drama about an anime fanboy who wins the love of a beautiful woman he… » 2/24/06 11:21am 2/24/06 11:21am

Gizmodo Japan: Make Your Own Mario

Let's welcome Peter Payne to the Gizmodo fold. Peter is a gaijin living the good life in Japan, where he runs J-List and lives in a liquor shop with his Japanese wife. J-List is an online shop that aims to bring the world closer together through shared Japanese pop culture. » 2/23/06 6:42am 2/23/06 6:42am

Gizmodo Japan - Desktop Remote Control

You can control your TV, DVD/CD, amplifier, and air conditioner with this stylish desktop remote control. What about all those buttons, you ask? Well, each of the sixty five button has only one function. Volume is changed with a jogdial. It's currently available at at Evergreen‘s and costs about $84. SKN » 2/11/06 9:46am 2/11/06 9:46am

Gizmodo Japan: Kazzle and Naple

There's a big thing in Japan right now where all sorts of professors from multiple universities are claiming that puzzles cure aging of the brain. As a result, Japanese toy manufacturers have started to produce lots of electronic puzzle games to reach some of the target groups that they can't hit with Pokemon and… » 2/07/06 5:21am 2/07/06 5:21am

Gizmodo Japan: Bamboo Keyboard

If the ultimate shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa had created a PC keyboard in the 15th century, it surely would have looked like this! At least that's what the package for this Links Bamboo keyboard suggests. This finely finished piece is called "Takechiyo" (in Japanese take means bamboo and chiyo translates to perpetuity) and… » 2/06/06 5:05pm 2/06/06 5:05pm

Gizmodo Japan: AQUOS Vision Recorder

Sharp announced the DV-ARV22, as latest model in the AQUOS HD recorder series. Apparently it is the world‘s thinnest (3.74 inches) VHS video recorder/player, HDD (250GB) and DVD player in one device. It features a HDMI port, terrestrial digital tuner and analog tuner. It also starts up in 1 second for instant… » 2/04/06 11:09am 2/04/06 11:09am

iPod Car Charger and Transmitter That Won't Make Your Crown Vic Look…

You may want to think about ditching your boring white battery charger and transmitter for your cool new black ipod video. The Japanese company Focal Point Computer, Inc. has launched this stylish, flashy one. Apart from charging the battery while transmitting over the FM band, it pauses the iPod and stops charging… » 2/03/06 2:12pm 2/03/06 2:12pm

Gizmodo Japan - Wash Your Clothes With Air

Do you even CARE what kind of disgusting bugs and bacteria live on your clothes and bedding? Do you? Well, The world first washing machine dryer with "air wash" function cares. The AQUA AWD-AQ1 from Sanyo disinfects and deodorizes your clothes without using water. It shoots ozone-filled air to whisk away odors and… » 2/03/06 11:55am 2/03/06 11:55am

M-Wave MP3 Player - You Know, For Kids

If your kid starts demanding an iPod and you're are not prepared to spend too much cash, think about buying a "M-WAVE" instead. It looks cooler anyway and is both for boys and girls. "M-WAVE" from Sega Toys is the newer version of music player for girls "Sound Carrier" (it was called Tamagotchi on speed). It is a… » 2/02/06 3:18pm 2/02/06 3:18pm

Remokon Saucer

Isn‘t it convenient to switch on the heater at home one hour before you come back? Or to remotely switch on the light or the TV at home for a few hours a day, while you are on holiday to scare off robbers, owls, and crazed, naked squatters? Or maybe to remotely switch off your home entertainment center once you're… » 2/02/06 9:15am 2/02/06 9:15am

Chess Keyboard

Love to play chess on your keyboard? Well, while the OWL-KB108WB from Owltech looks like you might be able to get your pawn on, looks can be deceiving. There are 2 versions, black and white, and are compatible with Macs and PCs and includes a USB adapter. No product information on the site yet but surely coming soon.… » 2/01/06 6:20am 2/01/06 6:20am

MyMio - Multifunctional Household Use Machine - Does No Dishes

Brother just announced two high-end models in the "multi functional household use machine" series called the "MyMio." Both the MFC-840CLN (17.2x 14.5x 6.4 inches, 13.6 lb) and the MFC-820CN (14.6x 13.6x 6.4 inches, 13 lb) function as printer, color copier, photo media capturer, scanner, fax, PC fax and more. They… » 1/31/06 4:57pm 1/31/06 4:57pm

Honda's Monkey Limited

Gizmodo Japan - Honda
s 50cc leisure motor bike aka
first appeared in 1967. It is small, but carries a 4 stroke engine is beloved by many and looks like something Yoshi would ride. This year, Honda is going to sell 3000 special model
Monkey Limited (BA-AB27)
. Most of it, like the tank and the fender, are… » 1/10/06 11:11am 1/10/06 11:11am