Gizmodo Japan: Moe Shirt

If you could encapsulate Japan's otaku culture into a single kanji character, it would likely be the word mo , a term that has hit the big time in the past year, helped along by the maid cafe boom in Tokyo and Densha Otoko ("Train Man"), a popular drama about an anime fanboy who wins the love of a beautiful woman he…

Remokon Saucer

Isn‘t it convenient to switch on the heater at home one hour before you come back? Or to remotely switch on the light or the TV at home for a few hours a day, while you are on holiday to scare off robbers, owls, and crazed, naked squatters? Or maybe to remotely switch off your home entertainment center once you're…

Chess Keyboard

Love to play chess on your keyboard? Well, while the OWL-KB108WB from Owltech looks like you might be able to get your pawn on, looks can be deceiving. There are 2 versions, black and white, and are compatible with Macs and PCs and includes a USB adapter. No product information on the site yet but surely coming soon.…


Honda's Monkey Limited

Gizmodo Japan - Honda
s 50cc leisure motor bike aka
first appeared in 1967. It is small, but carries a 4 stroke engine is beloved by many and looks like something Yoshi would ride. This year, Honda is going to sell 3000 special model
Monkey Limited (BA-AB27)
. Most of it, like the tank and the fender, are…