This Concept Mouse Has a Whole Computer Inside It

If the smartphones in our pockets are exponentially smaller and more powerful than the laptops that used to break our backs, couldn't we squeeze a computer inside a mouse? » 1/21/15 11:40am 1/21/15 11:40am

Panasonic's AR Make-Up Mirror Turned Me Into a Pussycat Doll

Stuff the tech reporting — after trying out Panasonic's augmented reality make-up mirror, I reckon I've got a glittering career awaiting me as the first male member of the Pussycat Dolls. » 9/04/14 11:37am 9/04/14 11:37am

LG G Watch R Hands On: Smartwatches Come Full Circle

Love is a fickle thing. When the Moto 360 was revealed alongside the launch of the Android Wear OS, its circular face made it stand out from Samsung and LG's first wearable attempts. But in the initial rush of excitement around the Moto 360, the fact that a lower section of its screen was permanently turned off… » 9/04/14 10:08am 9/04/14 10:08am

Can the World’s Thinnest Keyboard Cut a German Sausage?

If you cast your mind back to 2009, you might recall the Palm Pre had an edge so sharp, it was able to cut through cheese. Measuring just half a millimetre thick, the world’s thinnest keyboard — made by British company CSR in partnership with Atmel and CIT — should be able to take on a bratwurst, surely. I put my IFA… » 9/06/13 11:05am 9/06/13 11:05am

Blackberry's BBM App Page Mistakenly Went Live, Here's What It Said

BlackBerry’s web people made a bit of a faux pas last night, accidentally making a page advertising its cross-platform BBM apps live before time. They pulled it, but it lives on in the form of incriminating screen captures. » 8/30/13 7:56am 8/30/13 7:56am

Language Nerds Try Using Space Images to Make Latin Cool Again

A group of volunteers is attempting to bring the language of Latin back to the masses, by offering translated captions of Nasa’s photos of Mars in the wording favored by historians, posh people and the Pope. » 8/28/13 6:57am 8/28/13 6:57am

iOS 7 Could Debut September 10th, The Same Day As The New iPhones

The Apple-shaped stars are aligning, once again suggesting that September 10th is the big day for a hardware and software refresh of everyone’s iOS devices. The maker of Apple’s Siri tech claims iOS 7 is now said to be launching early next month alongside the updated iPhones. » 8/27/13 7:30am 8/27/13 7:30am

Get Your Ass Some Wi-Fi

Step aside Hobo Wi-Fi, there's a new, better way for people to get their internet on the go. Introducing Wi-Fi enabled donkeys from Israel - ancient transport now updated for the 21st century. » 8/21/12 12:40pm 8/21/12 12:40pm

What Happens When You Push the Button?

Serious drama, that's what. In the best stunt I've ever seen for, well, just about anything, a Belgian TV channel staged this awesome prank, which literally left bystanders agape in astonishment. Push to add drama indeed. » 4/11/12 12:00pm 4/11/12 12:00pm

HTC Sensation XL Is About to Go King Kong on Europe and Asia

The HTC Sensation is packing a 4.7-inch screen, Beats by Dre audio, and a camera that doesn't mess around. This big boy is ready to do some stomping. Our Kat Hannaford at Gizmodo UK has given it 4 Stars. » 10/06/11 1:26pm 10/06/11 1:26pm

Gizmodo Hops the Pond with Giz UK

The Giz family just gained a surly, Cockney cousin: this fall, Gizmodo UK will kick off in full force, helmed by the incomparable Kat Hannaford. It'll be just like the Gizmodo you know and love, just with more crumpets. Welcome! » 8/31/11 9:40am 8/31/11 9:40am