TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder Hands-On (with Video!): Two…

A little bird dropped a TiVo Series3 into our laps early, just in time for the official launch, right now. The Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder is going for the sky high $799.99 we reported earlier. The good news: it may be worth it. The 720p/1080i resolution digital video recorder packs in two CableCards, letting… » 9/12/06 1:00am 9/12/06 1:00am

Gizmodo Video Review: Honda Civic Hybrid, Part 2 - iPod On Board

Here s part 2 of our 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid review, where Gizmodo s Charlie White shows you the iPod-compatible components that are part of the DVD-based navigation system inside this newly-redesigned hybrid vehicle. There s now an optional iPod Music Link installed, and you ll see how that works along with the… » 2/09/06 8:57am 2/09/06 8:57am